What is a Park Model RV?

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) defines park model RVs as “a unique trailer-type RV that is designed to provide temporary accommodation for recreation, camping or seasonal use”.

Features and benefits of Park Model RVs

At Hidden Ponds in South Haven, MI, we think of Park Model’s as a beautiful cottage providing upscale living. Each cottage has a sunroom, front porch, back deck (optional), plenty of windows for natural light, living area, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a loft!

Affordability: Park Model RVs are manufactured to order in an environmentally controlled facility using a process designed to achieve maximum efficiency at minimal expense. They are designed to pack as many amenities as possible and tons of storage into a concise living space.

Flexibility: The Park Model Cottage will reflect your design tastes, both interior and exterior. The exterior choices include: furniture type, window treatments, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, appliances, flooring, counter tops, faucet fixtures, wall colors, and more!

The exterior choices include roof color, siding color, shutters, doors, etc.

Landscaping packages are optional. Imagine sitting around your in-ground fire pit surrounded by plantings of your choice, enjoying family and friends!

Come visit us at Hidden Ponds in South Haven!

Are park model homes next to RV Campers?

No the park model owners are in separate part of the resort

Are you a private community?

Yes, we will be gaited, and the only people allowed in are residents and their guests.

What types of camping is allowed?

We accept Motorhomes, Motorcoaches, 5th wheels, Park Models. We are not a tent camping facility..